About TSPC


The Superpower Company is not only about our purposeful merch with a message... We are cultivating a space, centered around a community of authenticity-seeking, unique individuals who are ready to come together through the potency and power of dialogue, compassion, curiosity, self-expression and humor. 

Hi Friends! We're Julz and Monique, two insatiable word nerds and lifelong friends who not only appreciate the power, magic and crafty nature of language, but also genuinely want you to play along with us. In many ways, words are our superpowers...  

We are dedicated to exploring, discovering and illuminating the qualities that truly make the adventure of being alive, worthwhile. We understand that life, good and bad, is a package deal, compiled from so many daunting experiences, incredible hopes and magical dreams... and from what we’ve seen, everything in between.

We understand that every single person has something distinct to offer and like a perfect one-of-a-kind constellation, each has been uniquely designed and crafted, in the classroom of life, to become the complex, unfolding individual that they (you) are.

We are about cultivating curiosity and honoring every single step in our gorgeous and astonishing life. We are about keeping things very real and very open. In doing so, we strive to keep our community - YOU - always pointed toward your north star… Because at The Superpower Company, our north star is not a destination, it's a continual unfolding and honoring of the finding our truth, no matter how much it changes. Yes, there will be miracles and prizes, but also you may find your power in the journey itself. That’s our wish. 

We know, first hand that life isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth finding your own special flavor of superpower YOU-ness... And guess what?? You don’t have to do it alone! We get to do it together, and you better believe that Julz and Monique, the amigas behind The Superpower Company are here for it AND here for you.

Whether it’s through our podcast with incredible deep dives and hilarious outlooks, via our merch shop that spreads messages of love and cheer, or by one of our upcoming online events, where we gather and get real, our promise is to keep a seat at the table warm and ready for everyone, including YOU, to participate, pivot and play on any given day.

We are honored that you stopped by and extend a sincere welcome. We are ready to come together, to discover, explore and share in the magic sauce that is your very own superpower.  The world needs you now more than ever. And don't forget, in this space, when you buy others fly.

Julz y Monique